Hayra Fatah
Dance Leader
Northwest Coordinator

Brian Dina
Dance Leader
Web Master

Tasnim Bobette
~Online Connections & Mailing Lists~
FaceBook - go to Facebook.com and search for:
      "Dances of Universal Peace Seattle" -or- contact Salim for further help
MeetUP.com - a social networking website designed to use computers
    and the internet to get people OFF their computers and MEETING in PERSON.
DUPNW - a social network for the dances in the puget sound area.
    Anyone on the list can make announcements about Dance events...or anything     
    else ...discussions happen ...invitations to bday parties.. requests for help, etc.
   This can mean 3 or 33 emails a week;: usually around 10 per week.
    Being on this list requires your phone number, which will be  available to ALL members,
    and ONLY members, of DUPNW: the "social contact" database for the dances in Seattle.
Halim's List - gives you one (or occasionally 2) emails per month,
   with listings, by location, of Dances of Universal Peace events
   in the Puget Sound area (this is the most condensed list).
Brian's List - a once-a-month reminder for the dances in Bellevue
Whidbey Island - once-a-month reminder about the dances on Whidbey Island
Hayra's List - her personal list for out-reach or short-notice events (mostly in Shoreline and to the north including Mt. Vernon).  
   She occasionally hosts a weekend dance meeting in her home, sometimes with only a couple days notice
   or adds Dances into a church service. It would also be helpful for her to know what town or area of Seattle you live in,
   in case something comes up on short notice there, or a new circle is getting established.


NOTE: Some of our Dancers are highly sensitive to fragrances (soaps, natural essences,
perfumes, colognes, hair spray). Please do not wear these to Dance events if possible